Remodeling Your Kitchen, need a new Fridge

Picking a Refrigerator for Your Kitchen Renovation

Picking a Refrigerator for Your Kitchen Renovation New Countertops and Tile are simple with a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor’s

Selecting a refrigerator takes time and patience as you look for one with optimal space and necessary pricing.Selecting a new refrigerator to finish off your kitchen renovations will be an exciting venture for you. You need to make sure that you are staying focused on what is important to you in a refrigerator and select one that is most efficient for your home needs while giving the appearance you need to blend in and complement the new kitchen look. Here are a few “bottom line” tips that can assist with choose the proper refrigerator for your kitchen. More on our website: @

Ice Dispenser/Beverage Center
It is a nice benefit that many homeowners crave in their refrigerator. However, there is a catch to having one of these attached to your refrigerator. When choosing a refrigerator with an ice dispenser or beverage center, you want the refrigerator to be a side-to-side with the doors from the fridge and freezer. Having a top-and-bottom configuration will cause the ice dispenser and beverage machine to take up too much viable space in your freezer that you will need in the future.

Choose a French Model
As you begin exploring the options, you want to choose a French model that has a two-drawer configuration in the freezer. This will make it easier to separate and organize your freezer items without causing too much of a frenzy looking for and digging for the items in a one drawer freezer. Organization and space will be the crucial elements in any refrigerator and freezer combo.

Choose a Model That Recesses in the Back
When you put your refrigerator in, you want one that has the perfect dimensions and does not stick out too much. In order to prevent this from happening, get a fridge that recesses in the back for the waterline and power cord. Often when the back does not recess, it will cause the refrigerator to stick out 2 to 4 inches in order for the power and waterlines to fit in without causing them to bend too much. Recessing allows the fridge to fit in perfectly, giving them enough space in the back due to the caved-in back.

Purchase a Surge Protector
When you plug in your fridge, you want to protect the computer chips in the event of an outage or otherwise electrical fiasco with a surge protector. These can be found at your local hardware store for under $30. A surge processor for your homes’ entire electronic use can be purchased for around $500 as of 2014. Keep your items protected and you will be thankful.

Find the Fridge That “Speaks” to You
When looking for refrigerators, you will have an abundance of options to help complement your home. You want to pick the one that complements your kitchen renovation and speaks to you. Not literally, but in a figurative “it’s the one” kind of way. If you are skeptical of a refrigerator, keep searching until you find one you have confidence in selecting for your home. It might take a few trips to hardware stores, but it will be worth the investment in the long-term.

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