Professional Estate Sale Company

Professional Estate Sale Company

Are you looking for a professional estate sale company to do your estate sale? Are you wondering what to do with leftovers from an estate sale? Do you want an alternative to donating everything? It’s good to have more than one option and is here to help you find an estate sale company or earn extra money by selling leftovers from your estate sale.

Building and posting service wanted ads on is not only free, it’s user friendly as well. Just post your ad in the Estate Sale Service Wanted category and the company can contact you directly.

To help you get started posting, we have provided a simple template of information you should include in your estate sale service wanted ad description. Why? Because when you provide information about your pending estate sale opportunity in outstanding detail, you increase your chances of hiring a professional estate sale company.

Estate Sale Service Wanted Ad Description

You can use this sample text as a guide to personalizing your description with the following detail information to maximize efficiency:

“I am an individual/organization seeking to enlist the services of an estate sale company to do my estate sale.”

Estate Sale Address:



Zip/Postal Code:

Tentative Estate Sale Date(s):

Describe the home size and overall condition of estate items. Give as much information as possible.

Home Size:

Number of Bedrooms:




Storage Shed:

Estate Contents Condition:




Do you have a contract? Is your company licensed and bonded? Etc.?

Reply by Email via (your personal email is optional)

End of ad—

The benefits of using

Local, Targeted Digital Advertising — Grab the attention of the best estate sale companies, clients, buyers and sellers
Save Time, Money and Efforts — Publish or change your ad anytime
Social Networking — Facebook, Twitter, Google+
Security — Secure registration, login, and listing
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After you connect, be honest, deliver the product or service that is advertised, and do your best with customer service.

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