Parisians Get First Aid Training

Parisians are voluntarily attending for first aid training course to get qualified. The response is due to frightening thoughts of terrorists hold their minds. Marc Lamard, who is 26 years old and works as a website designer, commented that he is not trained enough. He completed his first aid course last year. He completed the course near the place of terrorist attack that took place at town hall. He added that if in case one hears panic waves around, he/she has to remain calm and should how to respond and what to do.

Parisians are aware of terror attacks well. Neighboring Belgium was attacked on March 22. The coordinated attacks resulted in death of thirty-two members. Several attacks have been taking since January 2015. Christophe Talmet told the news channel that many people started to think how they can help themselves and others during terror attacks.

Christophe Talmet is the lead of French Red Cross first aid and emergency training program. Talmet added most people say that they want to do something, but they do not what to do. The continuous attacks have changed their mind and people have started to take up first aid training classes. The attacks have touched them deeply.

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