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Looking for a good Plumber that fixes root damage on pipes

Our plumber in San Antonio offers a wide variety of plumbing services and has serviced the Texas area for over three decades. Do you need a plumber in Texas? Look no further, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We also have more combined experience then any other company in South Texas. We have decided to use this particular website to inform you on common plumbing issues we see in Texas. Common plumbing problems include tree roots growing through your pipes and causing drains to bad pipes due to the age of your home.

Did you know that sometimes the cause of a problem with your plumbing can be as simple as some overgrown trees on your property? If your home is surrounded by trees that are mature in age their roots tend to grow and wrap around things including pipes. Roots are so strong that they can even lift up concrete paths. This is more common then you would think for Texas,

Over time roots can break a pipe and even insert themselves into the pipes. Once inserted they can grow hairy root masses at the ends which will clog up the pipe. The clog will worsen over time as debris flowing through the pipes latch on to the roots causing such a clog to worsen. This type of clog can eventually reduce the water flow and in turn cause a drain to slow down. If you don’t have a plumber come out to resolve this problem the end result can be a complete blockage. This problem should be fixed immediately.

When a root has broken a pipe, it will continue to grow. This will eventually create pressure within the pipe causing it to crack at it’s joints. If the root is given enough time to grow, the weight of the pressure might even cause the pipe to snap. The pipe might even collapse. If the pipe does completely snap, this could mean trouble for your home. It can cause flooding and water damage. Having your sewer line replaced or your sewer drains repaired can be extremely expensive.

If this is the case your best solution to your problem is to seek out professional help from a plumber and find out if the tree roots are really the cause of your problem. If they do find out that the roots are threatening the pipes they will be able to take the appropriate actions to fix the problem. Older homes are more at risk for this type of problem as the pipes are made of clay, concrete or cast iron. Roots are very strong and with pipes that are made out of such materials are able to penetrate the pipes much easier.

Your plumber will be equipped with the most modern tools available. It will help them locate the cause of your problem more accurately and in less time. By using a snake with a colored camera attached to the end of it a plumber can determine whether or not the problem is in fact caused by tree roots. They will also be able to determine the location of the problem and how to fix it as well.

Sometimes the plumber might have to replace the pipe which has been damaged by the tree. It’s best if he uses a Polyethylene or ABS pipe. HDPE polyethylene is a much higher density plastic pipe which contains no joint and would prevent the roots from causing any further problems. HDPE pipes are guaranteed to last well over 100 years as well. ABS pipes are strong and have fewer joints in them. The joints are fit together by glue which prevents leaks and root penetration.
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