Parisians Get First Aid Training

Parisians are voluntarily attending for first aid training course to get qualified. The response is due to frightening thoughts of terrorists hold their minds. Marc Lamard, who is 26 years old and works as a website designer, commented that he is not trained enough. He completed his first aid course last year. He completed the course near the place of terrorist attack that took place at town hall. He added that if in case one hears panic waves around, he/she has to remain calm and should how to respond and what to do.

Parisians are aware of terror attacks well. Neighboring Belgium was attacked on March 22. The coordinated attacks resulted in death of thirty-two members. Several attacks have been taking since January 2015. Christophe Talmet told the news channel that many people started to think how they can help themselves and others during terror attacks.

Christophe Talmet is the lead of French Red Cross first aid and emergency training program. Talmet added most people say that they want to do something, but they do not what to do. The continuous attacks have changed their mind and people have started to take up first aid training classes. The attacks have touched them deeply.

14Month Old Kid Dies after Visiting Texas Dentist

The incident has occurred in Texas. The authorities are finding the reason for death of a kid. She has visited her dentist to get a cavity filled on Tuesday. Daisy Lynn Torres is a 14-months-old girl. She visited Austin Children’s Dentistry to rectify her cavity. It is a routine procedure for dentists. A family friend started a page to help with funeral’s expenses of the kid. Along with that page and GofundMe page has received more than $10,000as fund for the kid. When Daisy was given Anesthesia, she stopped breathing. She was immediately taken to North Austin Hospital. She was declared dead before noon on Tuesday. It was an unexpected incident.

Sarah Marshall is a spokeswoman under Austin Children’s Dentistry. She told that it was a tragedy. She is waiting for more details from the examiner’s office. The reason of death is not still clear. The dental office has been functioning for the last forty years. The dentists follow the same procedure and ensure all protocols are perfect.

They have performed an autopsy, but the reason of death is still not known. It could be a lengthy investigation since officials are declining to report appropriately. Jessica Castened is aunt of Jessica. She told that Jessica is a healthy and happy baby. She was spending time happy on Easter. She did not return home after visiting the dental clinic.

Zika Associated Birth Defects in Columbia

Columbia has reported thirty-two birth defect cases due to Zika virus. The defect is referred as microcephaly. It is said to be strongly connected to Zika virus according to WHO (World Health Organization). Babies with microcephaly born abnormally that is with small heads. In most cases, the brain development remains incomplete.

Zika outbreak started around May in Brazil. It was found that there are more four thousand cases associated with microcephaly. In the last few months, more than nine hundred and forty-four cases were confirmed. Brazilian officials told that their country has an approximate of 1.3 million positive Zika cases.

In Columbia, Zika cases were first found on October. Immediately, the World Health Organization came forward and had warned that the microcephaly case increase in Columbia. It can spread summer and spring season where pregnant women affected with mosquito-borne virus has chances to deliver infected babies. World Health Organization told Zika has spread to around thirty-three countries especially in Western Hemisphere.

Recently, doctors have identified one case in Martinique and another instance of Zika in Panama. Moreover, near the coast of Africa, Cape Verde has reported two microcephaly cases since Zika outbreak started. One of the United States residents has visited Zika affected area and gave birth to a baby. It was found that the newborn was infected with microcephaly.

The scientists have not completed the studies and they are still investigating the case. They are researching whether there is association between microcephaly, Zika and brain smash up in babies. WHO officials said that Zika remains accountable until the real reason is found. It is causing birth defects. Zika is also associated with vision problems apart from brain damage and small heads. It has chances to make babies blind. Peter Hotez commented that it was a dangerous virus may be from the hell.