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AC Services – Repair – Maintenance

What are zoning systems?

HVAC zoning systems have become a very popular option for new homes and homeowners use them to help conserve energy and reduce their monthly power bills. Zoning units are mechanisms that are controlled by thermostats. They are installed in various parts of a house to control the heating and cooling process according to the owner’s needs. For instance, if there are sections of your house that you do not use often, an HVAC zone unit can regulate air conditioning in those areas. It can let you heat or cool the areas only when you want to use them. For instance, the guestrooms lack regular demands for cooling and heating until guests come. If the room is not used for a whole month the owner can avoid using lots of energy to make the air in it comfortable. In simpler words, zones are just like the light switches you can turn on or off as you please.

It has programmable thermostats that you can manipulate as you wish. The item is very economical in that it can be used to minimize the number of times that an air conditioner or the boiler goes on and off within a day. Do you know why this is beneficial? It helps to elongate the lifespan of your equipment and also saves you money. If you want to install the zoning system in your house, the following tips might be useful to you. New Braunfels AC Repair here

How many zones are necessary?
This is a question that is asked by many building owners. The homes that currently are not applying the zoning technique have mainly one thermostat heating their main floor. The homes also use one air conditioning equipment and a furnace. So the thermostat facilitates the heating and cooling needs of the main floor and when it reaches satisfactory levels it shuts down the air conditioning equipment. The attic and basement heating and cooling needs, in this case, are disregarded even if necessary. The owners of such a house are likely to have a case of overheated or under heated spots in the entire house. To solve such a problem, one can introduce the zoning systems in the house. The attic, main floor and basement can get one or more thermostats. This will ensure that even the areas that are not used regularly have a thermostat for controlling warmth and coolness. The number of zones needed should mainly depend on the size of your home and your air conditioning preferences. On some occasions, the installation of many zones can cause some challenges. For instance, if the airflow via the evaporator coil is not enough, this could cause the system to ice over. The problem can be prevented by installing a two-stage outdoor condensing system instead of a one-stage air conditioning unit.

Important considerations
You should consider the budget before installing a new HVAC zone system. The more zones you want to fix the more money you have to spend. As a result, you have to plan the project carefully with the help of an HVAC professional. Remember that even an expensive project can be done carelessly thus costing you more money and time in the future.

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