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We offer top-notch residential and commercial plumbing services to clients in the Dallas area, delivered by licensed and experienced plumbing contractors. Our professional plumbers will help in maintaining your home or business plumbing in great working condition and functioning at its best. Getting the service of our plumbing contractors ensures that you’ll receive first-rate, precise and inexpensive plumbing works that are backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee. All of our plumbers have undergone a thorough background, including drug testing, to make our clients feel at ease and to secure their properties.

Our seasoned plumbers are capable of fixing all types and size of plumbing works since they have acquired enough training about the correct way of doing plumbing repairs, installations and maintenance. We provide our technicians with powerful and advanced tools to give our customers outstanding results on their projects such as in bathroom or kitchen repair and drain cleaning. With their years of experience doing all sorts of plumbing jobs, it’s guaranteed that our contractors will always bring the finest outcome on your plumbing installation, repair or maintenance needs.

Moreover, our plumbers are able to distinguish the exact cause of the plumbing problem so you won’t end up paying for any extra charges with unnecessary repairs and avoid causing serious damage into your property or experience unnecessary accidents. This is because we continuously provide our contractors training about the latest development in this industry; which is something you won’t get from part-time or amateur plumbers.

We truly care for our clients’ happiness and satisfaction that why we offer a program that will help them avoid having to pay for unnecessary plumbing fees. Through this protection program, we will assist in identifying any leaks or the main cause of a plumbing problem before it get worse or bring serious damage like water damage or flooding. Our contractors will primarily focus on areas that are at risk of repairs, as well as do a full inspection. With constant checking, it will allow us to uphold the great working condition of our clients’ residential or commercial plumbing.

Aside from handling numerous plumbing works, our contractors are always available for emergency plumbing requests. We specializes in delivering emergency plumbing services with immediate response, as well as polite 24/7 customer care assistance. Keep in mind that it’s always best to get the help of professionals when dealing with emergency plumbing issues to avoid causing further damage to your property or enduring accidents. Contact us now and let our plumbing contractors take care of whatever plumbing issues you might have in your home or business.

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Remodeling Your Kitchen, need a new Fridge

Picking a Refrigerator for Your Kitchen Renovation

Picking a Refrigerator for Your Kitchen Renovation New Countertops and Tile are simple with a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor’s

Selecting a refrigerator takes time and patience as you look for one with optimal space and necessary pricing.Selecting a new refrigerator to finish off your kitchen renovations will be an exciting venture for you. You need to make sure that you are staying focused on what is important to you in a refrigerator and select one that is most efficient for your home needs while giving the appearance you need to blend in and complement the new kitchen look. Here are a few “bottom line” tips that can assist with choose the proper refrigerator for your kitchen.

Ice Dispenser/Beverage Center
It is a nice benefit that many homeowners crave in their refrigerator. However, there is a catch to having one of these attached to your refrigerator. When choosing a refrigerator with an ice dispenser or beverage center, you want the refrigerator to be a side-to-side with the doors from the fridge and freezer. Having a top-and-bottom configuration will cause the ice dispenser and beverage machine to take up too much viable space in your freezer that you will need in the future.

Choose a French Model
As you begin exploring the options, you want to choose a French model that has a two-drawer configuration in the freezer. This will make it easier to separate and organize your freezer items without causing too much of a frenzy looking for and digging for the items in a one drawer freezer. Organization and space will be the crucial elements in any refrigerator and freezer combo.

Choose a Model That Recesses in the Back
When you put your refrigerator in, you want one that has the perfect dimensions and does not stick out too much. In order to prevent this from happening, get a fridge that recesses in the back for the waterline and power cord. Often when the back does not recess, it will cause the refrigerator to stick out 2 to 4 inches in order for the power and waterlines to fit in without causing them to bend too much. Recessing allows the fridge to fit in perfectly, giving them enough space in the back due to the caved-in back.

Purchase a Surge Protector
When you plug in your fridge, you want to protect the computer chips in case of an outage or electrical fiasco with a surge protector. These can be found at your local hardware store for under $30. A surge processor for your homes’ entire electronic use can be purchased for around $500 as of 2014. Keep your items protected and you will be thankful.

Find the Fridge That “Speaks” to You
When looking for refrigerators, you will have an abundance of options to help complement your home. You want to pick the one that complements your kitchen renovation and speaks to you. Not literally, but in a figurative “it’s the one” kind of way. If you are skeptical of a refrigerator, keep searching until you find one you have confidence in selecting for your home. It might take a few trips to hardware stores, but it will be worth the investment in the long-term.

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What Content Marketing Doesn’t do.

5 Content Marketing Myths and How to Avoid Them

For many small business owners like yourself, content marketing is probably very low on your list of priorities. However, very recently, content marketing has become one of the most successful ways of attracting visitors to your website.

Why is this important, you ask? The reality is that in today’s abundance of information and options, most people will never buy from you on their first visit. In fact, you are killing it if you can average a 3-5% conversion rate for people who come to your site for the first time. Most actually see much closer to 0-1%. Often times, it may take as many as 7-10 visits before a potential customer becomes an actual customer. That is why content marketing is so important. It provides an avenue for potential customers to keep coming back to us here @

Building your brand awareness and establishing your business as a reputable source for industry information is the key to converting more customers in the long run. Brand loyalty and reputation are why most people choose to buy from you in today’s competitive landscape, not because you have a low price or an ample supply. So, make sure you avoid the 5 following common content marketing myths and keep them coming back for more.
Content Marketing Myth #1 – Only develop content for your products or services

Most small business owners are so strapped for time that they consider their website to be more of a brochure, than a tool to increase brand allegiance. As a result, most list their benefits, share some core competencies, list their products and services and share some history about the owner and the company. This content marketing strategy will most likely have them scratching their head after a few months, asking “Where are all the customers?”

You are much smarter than that, right? As a competent small business owner, you should actually be writing content…A LOT of content. If you are not a writer, or don’t have the time to write consistently, have someone do it for you, such as Zerys. Access Thousands of Top Writers. Pay Only if You’re 100% Satisfied! Now, I am not suggesting that you do not create the foundation pages that help visitors understand what your company does and the products and services you provide. In addition to those basic pages, I suggest a company blog. Write about anything and everything that makes you and your business an expert in your industry. Write about news and industry changes. Share your opinion on everything. Help your customers get to know who you are and what you stand for. Help them to understand why your company will be there for them, not just as a place they can buy a product, but where they can continue to come for trustworthy and entertaining information.

Content Marketing Myth #2 – Anticipate a quick turnaround

It is a huge myth that content marketing will deliver website visitors overnight. This just simply is not the case. Unless you are dialed into a large content distribution network (not advised these days), the time it takes for your new content to be picked up and shared across the web can take a decent amount of time. Do not let this discourage you. Write as often as you can handle. If you cannot handle writing at least a few times a week, find someone who can do it for you. Just make sure that the content you are developing is of great quality, adds something new to the overall conversation about the topic you are writing about, is sharable and follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. On average, it may take several months before you start to see any traffic for the content you develop. But, if done correctly, your new content will deliver a constant flow of traffic from that point forward.

Content Marketing Myth #3 – Don’t market your content

Whenever you publish a new blog post or article or share a new video, you want to market that piece of content in every way you can. Most small business owners are convinced that “if you build it, they will come.” This is just not how to web works anymore. You have to scream from the hilltops to get anyone to notice you.

Online, the way you get the word out is by sharing your content within your social circles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and anywhere else you connect with your customer base. You should actively go out and try to get some links back to your new content by approaching other bloggers and asking them to link back to your page, genuine commenting in forums where people are discussing your topic and provide a link (if allowed), submitting your RSS feed to various feed submission sites, linking to your new content from your old content on your own site. The list goes on and on. The point is that if you want people to read your blog or watch your video, you have to let them know it is there.

Content Marketing Myth #4 – You don’t need to track your effort

Perhaps the biggest myth that many small business owners believe when it comes to content marketing is that once your publish and promote, the work is done. This could not be further from what a good content marketer does. A good content marketer is going to monitor how that content performs, typically using some sort of analytics software. Google Analytics is the industry standard and is free to use. There are other Analytics solutions that can do more than Google Analytics, but for your purposes, Google’s is just fine.

Every day, you should be reviewing what is happening on your site in Analytics. You should look at the content that people are landing on, where they navigate to, what pages on your site that get low engagement, and what pages produce the highest conversion rates. Figure out what it is about these pages that people like or don’t like and make them better! Content marketing is a constant evolution. If you do not have the time to analyze your site and how people respond to it, then please hire someone to do it for you. It is too important to the success of your business online to ignore what your customers are telling you based on what they do on your site. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting new results is the definition of insanity!

Content Marketing Myth #5 – Treat content marketing as an equal marketing channel

For many small business owners who fail in the long run, the common denominator almost always seems to be putting all of your marketing efforts into one basket. You cannot expect to stay in business very long if all you do to market your company is put in ad in the local paper, or sell your products on only Ebay. Even though this is probably easier for you as a small business, the reality is that your business can be turned upside down overnight because you are at the mercy of whatever your one marketing channel delivers. If people no longer use Ebay, or stop reading the local paper, your business is down for the count.

The best approach to marketing is to diversify your tactics. But, please do not consider each tactic equal to the rest. Every method you choose to market is just a part of your overall strategy, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This is no different when considering content marketing as part of your marketing mix. While great content will help bring in traffic for those who are seeking information on the topics you write about, it will not capture everyone. You need to advertise. You need to create and nurture an email list. You need to do everything within your power to be in as many places as you can, wherever your potential customers may be. This way, if one tactic fails, you still have several others that are driving up revenues.

By developing a wide range of content for your SEO Strategy, giving yourself enough time to be successful, effectively promoting your content, tracking your progress and diversifying your marketing strategy, you will find greater success and longevity for your business.

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