Missing Mon found Dead in Texas

A Frisco mother was found missing for the last few days. When the officials were investigating they found her dead on Thursday evening. She was seen inside her sports utility vehicle. The car was parked in the parking lot of McKinney. She has three children and there were alive inside the SUV car. The children were taken immediately to a local hospital. Since Monday, Christine Woo was missing with her three children.

Leah was sixteen months, Nathan is three years and Lauren is five years. Brandon Woo husband of Christine Woo told that his wife has been missing since Monday. He waited until Tuesday. When he returned to home after work he found his complete family (wife and kids) missing. He reported to the officials that they were missing on Tuesday. The officials told that they need to wait at least twenty-four hours to file missing cases.

The police officials have checked the surveillance video. On Monday morning, Woo was seen with her three children entering Walgreens. Woo was holding her youngest child close to her arms. Woo’s husband told that credit card report shows that Woo has taken a prescription to treat Leah’s eczema. Moreover, credit card reports also showed that she has gone to Custer Road and State Highway 121 McDonalds. Her husband told that she had used her credit for these two purposes lastly. Last week, Woo commented that his wife as a model wife and a model mother.

He is confused about her death. He does not know how it happened and why she has to move on own. He doubted that something bad should have happened to take this decision. A police deputy of Frisco has seen Christine Woo with her children in the Target parking lot around 6.30 P.M. She was seen driving a Honda Pilot. A police official reported it.